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Be Inspired, create, Inspire, Repeat.


Andi + Co

Andi + Co started as a passion project of illustrated notes-to-self on wearable apparel and wall art, that focused on messages of mindfulness to inspire and empower audiences. Today, our services have grown to offer one of a kind, hand painted murals and art commissions, and our business is still deeply rooted in the philosophy of mindfulness that guides our processes and is felt in our client interactions. 




Andi (short for Andrea) is the multidisciplinary artist and creator behind Andi + Co. With a background in graphic design and illustration, she draws on her skills and keen eye for design to understand your vision and bring it to life. 

She’s also passionate about mental health and much of her work is informed by embodiment and mindfulness practices. Her ongoing inquiry is exploring art as medicine, and the healing effects of creating and experiencing it.      


“My intention is to create work that has a lasting impact in the spaces and communities where my art finds a home”
priscilla du preez 234138 unsplash

Why Co

Co is the synergy that blurs the line between self and other

Co is this generation’s most powerful prefix: we’re co-working, co-founding, co-managing, co-creating, co-living. It embodies the movement that places the emphasis back on community, collaboration and connectedness to aim at a greater potential.

Technology is connecting us in unprecedented ways and on new scales, allowing networks of influence to organically develop. So the question becomes: what’s the potential for positive social impact? One way to find out:

Let’s co-something!