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Andi + Co

Passion Project

Andi + Co is a creative initiative, a passion project, offering a collection of design apparel and wall art that serve as positive notes-to-self to remind, inspire and empower.

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Who is Andi

Astronaut of Inner Space

First and foremost, I’m an explorer. Questions are my guide, curiosity: my motivation, the human experience: the subject matter, and creativity: the expression of my discoveries.


Mindfulness is the practice of bringing awareness to every moment, the subtle art of living in the now, that forms the basis of all my enquiries and is the pervading theme of my life and work.          

Be inspired, create, inspire, repeat.
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Why Co

Co is the synergy that blurs the line between self and other

 I believe Co is this generation’s most powerful prefix: we’re co-working, co-founding, co-managing, co-creating, co-living. It embodies the movement that places the emphasis back on community, collaboration and connectedness to aim at our greatest potential, as individuals and as a society at large.

Where does the world end and ‘you’ begin? 

Technology is connecting us in unprecedented ways and on new scales, allowing networks of influence to organically develop globally. What’s the potential for positive social impact here? Only one way to find out.

So go on, co-something